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Dj, Producer, Mentor, Mix & Mastering Engineer, Youtuber, Sound Designer, Educational content creator...


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If you are looking to learn making music, you can request the class packs for 1 on 1 teaching online, or you need creative assistance for your tacks. This service can provide you writing, arranging or sound design solution for your music


Make your tracks sound as best as possible. E-Clip mixing and mastering service will make your track shine and sound at the latest industry standards


Transform your music into a masterpiece with E-Clip's professional mastering services. Enhance the quality, clarity, and overall sound of your tracks, ensuring they stand out from the rest. Let us help you take your music to the next level.

A bit about E-Clip:

E-Clip is is Marko Radovanovic, a music producer and Dj from Serbia who active on the Electronic Dance Music scene for the last two decades. E-Clips primary genre is Progressive Psytrance and Marko is touring worldwide playing music. Marko has devoted a great amount of time to gaining and developing studio skills for electronic dance music production which many know already by numerous albums, Eps and singles he releases in the last two decades. 
 Marko produce many types of EDM genres since 2002 when he started producing music, and these other styles are Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Chill-out. Markos' passion for music production has led him to start running a Youtube channel with plenty of educational videos which further lead Marko to start making online courses that are available on this website, altogether with the online shop in which you may find products for creating the EDM music, such as templates, preset packs, sample packs and other. Besides production, education and an online shop, Marko offers services that can help you have better results in your music. Those services you can check those on the service page You can follow up the sound of the E-Clips work through some of the following links.

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