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Dj, Producer, Mentor, Mix & Mastering Engineer, Youtuber, Sound Designer, Educational content creator...

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Online courses:

Besides the international DJ and Producer career, E-Clip found new passion of sharing his knowledge and experience gathered in the past 20 years. Join some of the online programs and make your creative work much easier and boost your production to another level!


About me!

Marko Radovanovic, also known as E-Clip, passionate music producer, mostly known for Psytrance production. Mentor, Youtuber, educational content creator, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, mentor, sample pack & template creator & sound designer. Graphic designer, web designer and a huge fan of any type of creative work.

My mission is to help as many people as possible on their creative journey through various educative material, mix and mastering services, mentorship programs and audio production gadget products.