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The Best SOUND!

Transform Your Sound with E-Clip's High-Quality Mixing and Mastering Services, and make your tracks Sound as they deserve!


Mixing & Mastering:

The hardest task to deliver great-sounding tracks is definitely the mixing process. Mixing is complicated as besides the knowledge, it requires a certain mindset that can be achieved only by many years of experience. It also requires a studio that can deliver detailed and precious information and it will have a huge role in decision-making in the mixing process.

In the past 2 decades, E-Clip has spent many hours researching the fields of audio engineering to become able to deliver the highest quality in music. In the recent past E-Clip's mixing skills have gone to the latest standards and he delivered high-end mixes in his and other producers' music.


Enjoy creativity

Not getting the sound you want can be frustrating as this specific emotion will separate you from the inspiration and your creativity!

More time!

Hiering profressional mixing and mastering services will leave you plenty of time for creative work which will lead to more music and a better career


E-Clip has over 20 years of experience in writing, sound designing, producing and mixing and mastering music.
Use this experience in your adventa

Studio Equipment:



50€ / h

If you are looking to learn making music, you can request the class packs for 1 on 1 teaching online, or you need creative assistance for your tacks. This service can provide you writing, arranging or sound design solution for your music


Make your tracks sound as best as possible. E-Clip mixing and mastering service will make your track shine and sound at the latest industry standards



Transform your music into a masterpiece with E-Clip's professional mastering services. Enhance the quality, clarity, and overall sound of your tracks, ensuring they stand out from the rest. Let us help you take your music to the next level.


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