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PMC - Kick & Bass Class


The first class in the series of upcoming classes and as a part of the Psyentific Master Course series, the most important and definitely hardest part for making a great sounding psytrance track is making the Kick and Bass section. The main goal of this course is to train you to become comfortable creating any type of kick and bass and to free you from the vast amount of time spent tweaking and trying to find a solution to make your kick and bass sound good enough. Free yourself from walking in dark and get much more time for your creativity. After applying to this course, you will get the results much faster and your time will become more efficient. The course has a scientific approach, and it started with basics, by explaining absolutely everything about kick and the bass and as the course progress, we will go more and more into specified details about certain topics. It is not important what kind of psytrance music you make, as this course covers many different outcomes, and after applying for this course you will be able to create amazing sounding kicks and basses for full-on, progressive, dark-psy or forest music. The first class contains almost 7 hours of educational material, altogether with a bunch of presets and all of it to improve your skills for creating great-sounding kicks and basses.

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