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Psychedelic Tips Vol.2


Introduction. video: Psychedelic Tips vol.2 contains 10 hrs of video material and it also comes with a Full Cubase project of a track made especially for this course. Besides video material, and the project you will also be able to download working presets used for making this track, kick2 preset for kick synthesis, bass line preset, bassline waveform, audio files for layering the snare, E-Clips Serum presets, and most important whole Drums Template which you can use for your tracks. In this course, you will be able to see the whole process of making this track from the beginning. The first section of the course is all about how to make your drum template. Starting with the Kick synthesis and full processing, continuing to the bass synthesis and processing with 3 different VSTi (Rapture, Serum & Sylenth) After that, you can learn how to layer and make your hi-hats to sound sharp, tight, and to process them with every possible detail. Snare layering and all techniques about making your snare to sound powerful and beautiful. After making your drums ready, the second part of the course it is about single shot sounds, synthesis, Arps melodies, leads, arrangement, and all aspects of the creative part of making psytrance music. Next sections are about arrangement, mixing, and final section is about mastering.

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