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Starting a Psytrance Track from Scratch by E-Clip

This is the video recording of making a psytrance track from scratch. As I have spoken and written before in my blogs and videos about the whole creative process, where I explained about getting into that creative zone, where I usually sit and just jam around until I make something that will inspire me, and after some time of jamming around and experimenting with psychedelic samples until that moment just happen. Sometimes that moment doesn't come in that session and it can take several studio sessions until I find that psytrance groove that I was looking for, or some amazing psychedelic atmosphere, or some beautiful melody, but this section is just jamming around until I create that sequence that will bring all other creative ideas, and form that point the track will start telling me what to do next, and this is what is an inspiration to me, the moment when the track itself starts leading me into the final result.

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This section I can say it was nice, but not the best, but it wasn't my idea to upload something that is great or that sounds amazing, I just wanted to record a whole process of looking around the track.

I will not record the process of making Kicks and basses and the rest of the hi-hats, as I did it in the Psychedelic Tips Vol.2 course and this was the most painful process for them all and I won't be recording that process again anytime soon. In this session, I used my prepared template, and I wanted to capture only the beginning of the creative process.

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