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Creative workflow part 2

Hello everyone. This week I chose to continue talking about creative workflow. This is my 10th try in order to create this video and explain all things that I wanted to talk about in this video. This is a really complicated subject as it’s connected from several different processes all connected into one complicated topic and all processes of creating a track.

The first idea for creating this video was that I wanted to make a video about making single-shot sounds, but I have realized that process of making a single shot sounds is connected to the creative workflow, actually, it is connected to the main thing I want to create while I make my own music, and that thing is the atmosphere. So while I’m making the single-shot sounds I actually have in mind that with those sounds I want to build the atmosphere of a track. This is maybe the most important part for me when I build my own tracks. This is the moment when the track will start getting the soul and after this process, the track itself will start telling me what to do next. At this moment when I build the atmosphere, that atmosphere will start giving me directions and the whole atmosphere of a track will lead me to the next thing I’m going to create in the track.

Before starting writing a track I always have an idea or a direction in which I want to go when I build this track, and this is my advice to all of you as well. If you already have an idea in which direction the track will go and if you have a clear vision of what is that you wanted to create, it will be much better and much easier and faster you will come to the results you were looking for.

Some artists like to just jam around until they find some interesting sequence around which they going to build a whole track, but I am not a fan of this technique as this technique is based on the moment of luck, and if we are not lucky enough, there’s going to be a big chance that you stay without any music made that day.

My approach is a bit different and I always have in mind what do I want to make before I start writing psytrance music and in most cases, I have a vision of a dance floor and I always think about what effect I want to make on my listeners. So mostly I’m looking for a great atmosphere that will flow around the dance floor and that’s gonna put people into this beautiful dancing mood and that clear vision is the main thing that is helping me to finish my tracks.

So after dropping the kick and the baseline and the rest of the drums inside my project I will spend a lot of time but adjusting the groove of a track, as the groove is one of the most important things while we build our psytrance track. if we build the groove correctly, there will be much more chances that the track will never be boring till the end as the groove by itself can be a sequence of a track.

After having the whole drums ready I’m gonna spend a lot of time looking for the sounds in order to create the atmosphere and when I build that atmosphere, the track will start becoming alive, and from that moment the track will start telling me what to do next, as it will inspire me already by its atmosphere and it will trigger a lot of inspiration for me.

This is the only way I like to make my music and this is why I believe that music cannot be taken as any other job. We cannot just work eight hours a day on the music, especially if we are not in a proper emotional state where we can be concentrating on the music only and trying to pass our energy in order to write it down as a digital audio file, that we want to use to provide certain effects on our listeners.

I can say that I always try to give depth to a track, and that depth is the feeling that the track has another dimension. There are many kinds of music that are 2D, some are 3D, but a propper PsyTrance track can be 4D!

Video will be premiered 15th July at 20:00 CET

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Jul 16, 2021

Thanks Marko, interesting !

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