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Creative Workflow - part 1 - Theory

Hello everyone! I am hoping you have a wonderful week.

I didn't make many videos about creative workflow, as I am aware that my videos and blog follow people who are making all different kinds of psychedelic music, and therefore I try to focus on the things that can help as many of you!

I decided to make one video of this kind, which will be in 2 parts. The first part I will cover with the video where I will be mostly concentrating on the theory and understanding the music. I will tell you how do I approach my music, what is inspiring me, and how do I approach it from a creative side.

In this video, I concentrate mostly on the things that I believe are the essence of the whole topic. What are the things you should analyze and what should be in the focus.

This is a vast topic, and it is connected with many things which made the process of making this video into one pretty complicated. Still, I missed several things to mention, but that is why I decided to split this video into two parts.

I was planing and running video scenarios over and over inside my head and I think that I finally made it to be one big topic.

Video will be premiered on 30th Jun 2021 at 20:00 CET

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This was one of the most interesting videos that I saw! Thanks a lot for this one and generally for your amazing work:) I will ask if it's ok - how much time did you spend on this track and in general how many hours you work in a day? I think it will be fascinating to see a video that you explain what your schedule is and how you manage your day as areal professional producer <3


Hi dear friend amazing track and very good explanation can’t wait to ear this track

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