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Traditional vs Dynamic Arrangements!

We can explaine the music on so many different ways and by many characteristics. In my opinion, the most important way we can caracterise the music is one how we are telling our story? There are only two main differences when it comes to electronic dance music arrangements and it really doesn't matter what kind of music or which genre it is, but every subgenre of electronic dance music has both of these two characteristics arrangement types. I used the term 'traditional' as this was the best term I could come up with to describe this type of arrangement, as, in the past, these dynamic ones did not exist. The development of technology gave us the ability to make more dynamic arrangements, and therefore t is a newer type.

The biggest difference between those two is in how we gonna tell the story that we want to pass. The traditional arrangements will have a longer curve, the story will be told slowly, and it will be built more politely. The artist will not rush in giving everything too fast, and to understand this type, the listener will need to be patient and relaxed in order to understand it. This type of music or arrangement is more popular in older groups of listeners, people not that young, as younger persons are not that patient. Patience is something we learn while we grow up or get older.

Dynamic style is all about the contrasts. Creating the difference in energy more often more changes in the groove, supported with a lot of risers and long uplifting moments, that would be supported with the fills in the small breaks before the intros and uplifting moments and groove moments with kick and bass playing. These types are more dynamic and they are noticed instantaneously, while traditional arrangements require much more time in order to be understood.

Chek the video about this topic!

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Stevan Feher
Stevan Feher
11 oct. 2022

Thx for inspiration ☺️

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