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Making The Original Progressive Psytrance

Making the Original Progressive Psytrance is becoming history. It's been a while since I heard a proper Progressive Psytrance. Each generation is a bit nostalgic after they get over 30 years old, we are all missing some music that we used to listen to in the past, but from my perspective, every time there was something new to replace the old style that we miss. I was sad when the era of full-on music from 2002-2003 has ended, but soon enough after that the Progressive Psytrance came and it replaces that full-on in fully. Now when the era of Original Progressive Psytrance has ended, not has shown to replace it.

I am, and I will be in the mission of encouraging producers to make more of this type of music, the music that has intelligent development, music where you aren't able to predict when it's going to stop, or music that will have much more creativity, and music that won't be made with overused sample packs and serum presets. I will always support art and creativity instead of industry standards. There are several people only that are doing something different than anyone else. Therefore, I will applaud Eithan Reighter (Out of Orbit) and Captain Hook, who is one of not s o many that are doing something different.

Anyway, this week I will give some insights into how to make and structure the music type that I like the most, music that I miss, and music that I will make.

Check the video:

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