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Managing Several Different Track Projects Simultaneously

During my career and collaborating with many different artists I have realised that there are several different ways how artists are managing their track projects. Some like to make a plan and schedule their activities on certain tracks, some like to set deadlines and work on only 1 track at a time, while I love working on several different tracks at the same time simultaneously.

My approach is that I like having a few tracks, each track in a different mood, one can be deeper and more groovy, one can be faster and key root in upper kets, one track darker and lover key root note. Having a few tracks, each one for a different mood is allowing me that I can choose the track I'll work on that day, and that way fit in with my current moon from that day.

I love working this way as I do believe that our emotional state is the key to the inspiration and I believe that how we feel will have a huge impact on our music. When we feel the track, when our emotions are coherent with our music, the whole process of making the track will go much smoother, as I believe that our emotions are the main engine for our creativity.

Inspiration is coming from our higher beings and it comes to us through some invisible paths and creativity is the connection with ourselves from other dimensions. Inspiration is nothing else than information that is someway coming to us in form of a direction on what we should do and how we should express that information. We experience information through our emotions, and our emotions are in charge of the chemistry in our body, as the latest scientific discoveries show that our emotions are in charge of our hormones and that our hormones are the most important when it comes to our health. All this being said means that FEELING INSPIRED IS A MEDICINE and BEEING CREATIVE CAN HEAL YOUR BODY or PREVENT MANY DECEASES!

You can also check the video about this question!

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