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Synapse Audio DUNE 3

Nothing excites me more than a new toy in the studio, and when it turns out that a new toy is not just new, but it sounds so good, then the whole excitement gets another dimension.

As it’s the middle of the European festival season, and this weekend I’ll be playing at the wonderful VooV festival in Germany and directly from there I(‘ll be heading to Portugal to play my fourth Boom Festival! As I'm pretty busy with correcting many tracks and making changes in tracks I’m about to play, this will be a short video, and before I start, this will not be an In-Depth tutorial about Dune 3, it’s gonna be closer to the first look, even though I’m a bit familiar with the Dune 3 already, but I’m far away from getting to know it!

Synapse Audio Dune 3 is rocking the charts of my favourite VST instruments and I must say it makes me happy when a new Vst instrument succeeds to sound different from the others.

Last few years the Serum, Vital, and Sylenth have taken the main places which caused some type of monotony when it comes to the sound design and the sound itself.

All previously mentioned Soft Synths have a pretty similar sound, and almost the same modulation and effects. As I said in the previous videos, the best-sounding VST to me is Omnisphere, but Omnisphere is designed completely differently. Omnispher is based on samples and a lot of analogue recording, combined into the instruments that sample the Analog synths waveforms and mix with tones of the real recordings into something completely unique. Dune 3 is a typical soft synth and I would put it in the same category as the Sylent, Vital Serum and Spire.

Now, the important thing to say is that I haven’t built my expertise with Dune 3, and i did use it but just for a while and enough to start loving it, but I want to press record and start exploring a bit with it together with you. There is something special while exploring a new VST Instrument and I would like to record it as I might capture some nice moments.

My studio roommate has already bought several banks for Dune 3 and I will go through some of those banks in order to explore it. The first thing and most important to me when I explore new VST Instruments are the presets. The presets are the first thing that VST Instrument need to pass as a test.

My way of working is that I switch my self into a different mode, and once I start jamming and creating the track, I won’t spend time making the new sounds from scratch, there will be a moment in making a track in which I will be just listening and trying to print out ideas as soon as possible until the track get ascertain form.

Later on, I might go back and redesign some sounds from scratch, or just add a few layers to them or I will just keep them as they are, but I must say that presets are super important to me and my creative process. If you are not agreeing with me, you are most likely stuck into Sound Designer mode and you still need to find your way out and move to producer mode. The producer won’t care much about what is the source and who made what, Producer will be focusing on bringing a track together and will use anything that will fit into the track.

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Artakan Berger
Artakan Berger
Jul 21, 2023

You could arrange some kind of coupon with them, as you are doing free commercial for them ;-) Great sound, I am very tempted !

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