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Psytrance Bassline in C# & Madness Finishing Track Up In This Key

Making the Psytrance Bassline was never an easy task, but we all agree that some keys are easier than others. My lowest track key was D, and I never made a track lower than D. This time I made a track in C#, so my thoughts were that I will transpose the track from D to C# and that will be the solution with minor changes on the processing. Surprisingly, just transposing it to C#, the bassline lost a lot of warmth and fullness, it become dull and kind of emptier.

So my search for a C# bassline recipe has begun. Two weeks later, I found myself searching for the C# bassline recipe, calling other producers and soon enough realising that making a great sounding, snappy and powerful psytrance bassline in C# is not an easy task.

It was a long search, and at the end of it, I still needed to make a compromise and choose to keep a bassline that I'm not satisfied with 100%. If I make a change in the phase, some things become better, while some other things become worse. My search involved many other producers that I called up to help, such as Ilan from Symbolic, Cappo aka Liquid Soul, Tristan, Zyce and Flegma. Spent some time with Zyce and Flegma online, and we shared experiences as well as some techniques on the end I came up with a solution that sound pretty good. As this process was so complicated and after bringing my awareness to the amount of difficulty of this process, I have decided that I will pack my work and release it as a template pack so that everybody else who might have this problem can simply avoid spending the same amount of time as I did.

The reason for this post is to bring awareness to all of you who might think that one day you will come to the level where you will solve this issue in 3 clicks, and also show to all of you that even super-experienced producers are struggling in a search for great sounding tracks. This also may make you rethink hiring an audio engineer who already spends an insane amount of time learning all these necessary skills and save yourself precious time and use it for your creativity.

There is already one template in my shop, just this one is for the E note.

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