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Psychedelic Tips Vol.3 is now Available!

After several years of creating educational content and collecting feedback from many people around the world and precious experience gathered by working directly with students, it's clear that “READ WORLD” teaching is the best method for passing the knowledge to those once seeking it. In this course, you can see precious techniques and knowledge covered with actual work and explanation of each decision made in this track, many ways to improve the sound design, in-depth tutorials about so many plugins and VST Instruments by practical use for creating certain parts in a track, altogether with a detailed explanation of tools choices. This course comes in the form of a live studio session and in each session, the progress was recorded and supported with psychology, decision-making, technique and real practical examples of how things can be done. The gold in this course is the preparation and organized working methodology, the way to bring objective judgements of your work, as advice on how to put your emotions in the right place to keep your creative work in the sweet spot. This course is the record of how to be the most productive artist by listening to and seeing the actual work in practice! 20 hours of video material supported with E-Clip Kick Pack, Drum Template and Single Shots Sample Pack, plus additional elements you can use to practice and apply what you learned in the course. This course is dynamic and it will have new videos every month after the questions have been submitted.

Check Out the Teaser Video to get more information about Psychedelic Tips Vol.3 - by E-Clip

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