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Plugin review - Voxengo PHA 979

Hello everyone, this will be the first blog in a series of plug-in reviews and I’m going to explain a bit about Voxengo PHA 979.

The plugin industry has been saturated in the last several years and we cannot see that many new things are coming out. There is a lot of new plug-ins that are coming out but all of them are structured from the things that we already know about. New plug-ins are mostly a combination of basic effects, a combination of a delay with the reverb or Flanger with some type of pitch, or any other combination that we have experienced for a while.

New plugins come with better user interfaces, better performances and they do sound better, but we cannot see anything new is happening on the scene in the way of innovation, and we can just see much better and much more beautiful user interfaces and performance of those plug-ins are getting better and better but generally almost all of them are doing the same things.

When we talk about the delay, reverb, flanger, phasers, compressor and so on we can find so many different companies that are building those kinds of plugging effects while the only plug-in that I know of, that controls the phase in its full capacity is Voxengo PHA 979. This plug-in allows us to manipulate the phase from 0 to 360°, which allow us to find the best sounding spot, or if we would like to perfectly align some elements, the functionality of this plug-in will give us full control to do so.

Besides this plug-in l, there’s only one more plug-in that I know of and that is doing the same thing, is from UAD and the name of this plug-in is Little Lab. So many different plug-ins of similar types while only two plug-ins of this type or actually on the scene which really gives value to the Voxengo PHA 979.

Check the video below to see the full functionality of this amazing plug-in.

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