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E-Clip Reviews 001

The first episode of the E-Clip Reviews. In this video series, I will review the tracks sent to me in this episode, and I will be reviewing the track "Machia" that was sent to me by Y-Spark.

Listening to the reviews of other people's music can be a great way to hear many critics that many producers can consider in their music. Behind each critic, there will be a wider analysis that many producers can implement in their music.

This video is uploaded with the artist's approval.

The genres are not strictly to psytrance, and if you wish to submit a track for a review, you should send a SoundCloud link of a track to

Be sure that you send a whole track, not the half done!

Once you send a link, be sure to not change the track and send another version! In other case, the review will not be approved!

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