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Boosting Your Psytrance Kick with Reverb

In the world of Psytrance Production, the kick drum is the most important element. As the heartbeat of this genre, having a kick that stands out can make or break your track. One technique gaining popularity among producers is adding a short burst of reverb via the Send channel. In this video, we'll delve into how this technique can make your Psytrance kick sound more alive and vibrant.

1. Understanding the Psytrance Kick

The Psytrance kick is characteristically punchy and tight and often has a rounded tone. It acts as the backbone of the track, driving the rhythm forward. However, given its fundamental role, it's essential to ensure it doesn't sound flat or lifeless.

2. The Magic of Reverb

Reverb, in essence, simulates the sound reflections in a space. When used in moderation, it can add depth, dimension, and a touch of spaciousness to your sounds.

3. Sending to Reverb

Rather than applying reverb directly to the kick channel, using a Send channel allows for more control. This method lets you blend the original sound with the reverberated version, ensuring you don't lose the kick's initial punch.


  • Create a new Send (or Aux) channel in your DAW.

  • Add a reverb plugin of your choice to this Send channel.

  • Send a portion of your kick's signal to the reverb. This can usually be done by adjusting the send knob or slider on your kick's channel.

4. Sculpting the Reverb

For the Psytrance kick, we're not looking for a long, drawn-out reverb tail. Instead, opt for a short decay time to give a quick burst of space.


  • Keep the decay time between 0.2 to 0.5 seconds.

  • Cut low frequencies from the reverb using an EQ to avoid muddiness.

  • Adjust the wet/dry mix to ensure the reverb is subtle and doesn't overpower the kick.

5. Benefits of This Technique

  • Depth and Dimension: A touch of reverb can add a 3D quality to your kick, making it sound bigger without losing clarity.

  • Variety: By adjusting the reverb settings, you can create different textures and vibes for various parts of your track.

  • Seamless Integration: Using the Send channel ensures the reverb is blended smoothly with the original sound.


In the competitive world of Psytrance production, small details can elevate your track. By adding a short burst of reverb to your kick via the Send channel, you can breathe new life into your beats. Experiment, tweak, and find the perfect space for your kick to thrive.

Video Tutorial:

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