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Psychedelic Tips Vol.3

Master the Art of Making Psytrance Music by E-Clip

New 22h online course based on 21 studio sessions in which the whole track development process have been recorded.


A bit about the course:

Psychedelic Tips Vol.3 is an online course by E-Clip for Psytrance music production. This course is made of 21 studio sessions and it is 22 hours long. Altogether with the instruction videos, you’ll get the Kick pack, Drum template and Single shots & atmospheres sample pack with this course.
In Psychedelic Tips Vol.3, each session marks a new progress in track development and every session brings a new production stage. You will learn how to organise your project and what you should be focusing on in each track development stage, as well as all the development stages.







Get a free demo video from Psychedelic Tips Vol.3

What students say about this course:


E-Clip's course took my psytrance skills to new heights. Unbelievably grateful for the knowledge gained!


Elevated my music with E-Clip's course. Inspiring techniques and invaluable insights for psytrance production.


E-Clip's online course is a must for aspiring psytrance producers. Phenomenal instruction that delivers exceptional results.

Watch the teaser video and see what you can expect

How Will You Benefit From This Course?

  • Gain Knowledge and Skills: One of the primary benefits of taking this course is that you will learn the necessary knowledge and skills to produce high-quality psytrance music. E-Clip is a well-known and respected artist in the psytrance scene, and his expertise can help you improve your sound design, mixing, and mastering techniques.

  • Learn from a Pro: The course will offer you the chance to learn directly from E-Clip, who has years of experience in producing and performing psytrance music. This means that you will gain insider knowledge about the industry and learn tips and tricks that you might not find elsewhere.

  • Access Exclusive Content: The course will provide you with access to exclusive content, including a project sample pack, E-Clip Kick pack and preset files that you can use to create your own tracks. You will also be able to ask E-Clip questions and receive feedback on your work.

  • Save Time and Money: If you are trying to learn psytrance music production on your own, it can be a time-consuming and expensive process. By taking this course, you can save yourself the hassle of trial and error, and receive professional guidance that can help you progress faster and more efficiently.

Course keypoints:

  • How to organise for the most time-efficient workflow

  • How to prepare the project and development order

  • Single shots and atmospheres sound design

  • Mixing techniques for the single shots

  • Track development theory

  • Additional groove elements sound design & mixing

  • Melodies & Arpeggios music theory

  • Melodies & Arpeggios sound design and mixing

  • Arrangement theory and switching to the producer mode

  • Creating the surprising momentum

  • “Producer mode” in depth-theory

  • Building the intro & creating the track flow

  • Finalising the track's first stage

  • Main break theory and development

  • The track's main hook-up

  • Second stage development

  • Final decisions

Hear The Track You Will Learn To Make:

By applying for this course, you will be able to see every single move for creating this track from scratch to the final version of the track. Each session of the course captures new progress in the track development


The regular price of Psychedelic Tips Vol.3 is 149€
Currently, the course is on a discount and Special Deal Offer is available!


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