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7 hr long class dedicated to Psytrance Kick & Bass techniques you will be able to create Outstadink Kicks and Basses that will shake any dancefloor. This class will teach you everything you need to know about any type of the Psytrance Kick&Bass.

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about the class?

  • What is Psyentific MasterCourse?
    Psyentific MasterCourse is a series of courses/classes dedicated to a specific branch of Psytrance Audio Production. This Masterclass will come in series and each category will be "in-depth" about specific topics.
  • What is Kick&Bass Class all about?
    The first class in the series of upcoming classes, and as the most important and definitely hardest part for making a great sounding psytrance track is making the Kick and Bass section, therefore this is the first class in the Psyentific MasterCourse by E-Clip series.
  • What this class contain?
    The Kick & Bass class conatine seven hours of in-depth video material about Psytrance Kicks and Basses, as well as the working files made during the recording of this class. 10+ Kick2 Presets, 20+ Bassline presets, and Audio files in the form of Bassline shots and Kick samples. 
  • What is the goal of this class?
    This class should give the final answer to all questions regarding psytrance kick and bass! The approach to this class is purely scientific, and it explains in detail form what we are making the kick and bass, what are the characteristics of each waveform plus the advance processing techniques for shaping our kicks and basses to cut through the mix and make your track stand out and shake any dancfloor.
  • Which style does this class cover?
    This class covers all psytrance subgenres, from many progressive styles to fullon, forest or darkpsy. 
  • Do I need to have any previous experience?
    The class has been made that way that it example the full process form the beginning till super advanced techniques of creating astonishing kicks & basses. All the knowledge that has been collected in the last 20 years has been passed in this class.
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Still not sure?

If you have any further questions regarding the class, contact us and we will get respond with adequate answer. 

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