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Top 7 Reverb Plugins for Psytrance

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Here we are on the topic of best-sounding Reverb plugins form Psytrance! All plugins from the list are amazing I would recommend all of them. These are the 7 Reverbs that I like the most! From my point of view, there are 2 different ways of using reverbs. One is space emulations, when you position certain sounds into the mix, giving the space depth and wilderness. Another is when using the reverb for effecting certain sounds, usually with extreme settings and making long tails. Some of the plugins above are good for 1st example, some for another.

No 7 – Steingber RoomWorx The plugin that comes with Cubase Pro is really worth trying. This reverb I usually use when I need smaller reverbs to cover claps, snares, and hi-hats. Also is really handy for use when you have single-shot sounds that have a big transient and that disappear in the mix. Using its lowest time will bring a bit of a decay, which is enough to bring this kind of sounds in life

No 6 – FabFilter Pro-R All FabFilter plugins are packed with the best GUI (Graphical User Interface). This allows you really clear options and super easy to manipulate. Regarding the sound, it is really good plugin but definitely not the best, that’s why it takes No6 on my list. Controls are super easy and EQing the Decay and Reflection are really handy. The Bright/Dark option is also really handy when a producer wants to bright or darker the sound in 1 knob.

No 5 and No 4 – Native Instruments RC24 & RC48 Those two plugins are made by Softube which had some amazing plugins before those two amazing reverbs. RC24 is a bit smaller reverb which is really good when applying on single shots and drums, while RC48 is really good for bigger reverb settings, but it is not really big one. RC48 is showing its best when it’s dropped on the leads & vocals

No 3 – ValhallaRoom ValhallaRoom has been recommended to me by many artists that I have spoken about production. It took me a bit long time to try it and buy it, but first, I was rejecting it because of the Interface, as it didn’t get my intention, but when I tried it, I realized why people had recommended it. This Reverb I mostly use with as a supper big setting, mostly for making the ambiance sounds that have a long tail, in other words, is great for making ambient sounds and atmospheres!

No 2 – Audio Damage EOS2 A few years ago, I had bought EOS and never stopped using it after that. I loved it that much that I didn’t even know that EOS2 came out. After finished the video for youtube, someone made a comment that there is EOS2, and I was a bit surprised how that information hasn’t come to me. So the review I have done is with EOS1. This is probably the biggest and longest reverb that I ever used. It is pretty extreme how big it is, but this is really useful in some situations when effecting the sounds with reverb. The interface is not that good looking (EOS1, EOS2 looks amazing), but it is really easy for use and doesn’t affect your CPU much. It is highly recommended!

No 1 – Eventide Blackhole Extraterrestrial Reverb! Eventide is really famous for its hardware gear. If you wonder what would be a magic piece of gear in the FX world, that is for sure Eventide H9000. H9000 is used in most expensive studios, with an insane amount of algorithms that just sounds amazing. Blackhole is definitely the best sounding reverb plugin on the market. It doesn’t sound that good with small reverb settings as it does when it is set up on bigger reverb settings. There are not many options on this one, but the sound of it is just over the roof!

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Alien Contact
Alien Contact
Aug 22, 2023

how much money one simple ppl need to spend for make good psytrance at the end of the story? i don't have million jesus!

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