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The Best Music Production Learning Technique

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hello guys and welcome back to another tutorial by E-Clip

I have read all of your comments and tried to replay to many of them as possible. Many of you have asked for presets for kick and bass mostly.

So this tutorial will explain to you the whole process of learning and not giving you instant results by sending the presets. Now the question is why this method is better than just sending you the preset that you can use. From a preset, you won’t be able to learn the processes and understand why I made each decision in processing all the sounds. I gave a kick from a free download, and many of you asked for presets, but you shell notice the whole process from the video, it is not just the KICK2 preset, it has a lot of post-processing after kick2. Now, the idea is to encourage you to implement a good learning practice. I will show you in this video how did I learn, totaly by myself, all the processing techniques that I use in sound design, arrangement, writing melodies, and all other processes.

So, when I started learning Cubase and generally music production, sound design, mixing and so on, youtube wasn’t that powerful as today, the internet was much less powerful than today, so I needed to learn all by myself. Because of all I said already, i developed some practice techniques that allowed me to learn all I know today.

So the practice is that you chose a track that you love to listen to, your favorite one, drop it in your DAW, and try to reproduce it. You are starting with analyzing your reference track layer by layer, channel by channel.

This is a painful process for beginners, but I was doing this almost a year after I touched Cubase first time in my life. I used to spend weeks just trying to make a similar synth channel from my reference track. This is the moment when i understood synthesis, modulations, and every aspect of synths. After you understand synthesis, you slowly start to discover the processings, and after that comes writing melodies, arrangement, mixing, and so on… All of this, you can learn by trying to reproduce a melody, lead, or whatever you like from your reference track. When you pass through all segments of building a track, sound design, writing, you will start to understand all the processes, and you will start implementing it in your own production. The idea is to learn from artists that you like, but not to sound like them. The main idea is that you become new, fresh, artist with new ideas and its own sound, but with a knowledge of the biggest artists on the scene.

Personally, I have reproduced so many tracks that I used to like. In this lecture, i am showing you my reproduction of a track “Genetic Lottery” by Astrix & Loud.

So why have I chosen this track? As in my career, I have never made any offbeat track, as the offbeat in that time was used by more commercial artists on the scene, I kinda lost interest in making any offbeat track. This track was an offbeat track that I liked after many years, so I realized i do not know anything in making offbeat track( i mean all small secrets that make groove better, how much sidechain it needs, how shall I make the bass, does it needs more open cutoff and so on. So I needed a good offbeat track, and I needed to recreate it, and that way I would learn from someones else experience and knowledge.

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