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The Best Delay Plugins For Psytrance

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

After a few years of producing psytrance, I decided to do some research as I was curious about what “Psychedelic” means in the world of music. Going through a few Psychedelic genres I compared some of them. My focus was mostly on Psychedelic Rock and Psychedelic Trance, and I really wanted to see if there is anything similar, so I went through my Pink Floyd collection and some of my favourite Psychedelic Trance tracks from that period in search of similarities. My conclusion about this topic was that all of the Psychedelic genres have one thing in common, and that is the atmosphere that they make. Beautifull floating sounds were in all of the Psychedelic genres and all of these sounds were mostly processed with a lot of Reverb and Delays. Famous Pink Floyd delayed guitars and beautiful keyboard pads in the background are probably what marked this kind of music as Psychedelic. PsyTrance also has a lot of reverbs and delays in the production and my conclusion that if you want to do Psychedelic music, you will probably need to use a lot of Reverb and Delays. I already did a Blog and Youtube video about Reverbs and you can find it on the following LINK The Delay is probably the most used effect in psytrance production and here are my top Delay plugins that I use in Psytrance production!

NO6 – SoundToys – Crystallizer

Crystallizer – Granular Echo Synthesizer Amazing Plugin that has many amazing features. As the name says, when you look for the Crystal sounding effect, this plugin is a must-have. The stability of this plugin is stunning, it doesn’t use much of CPU and it comes with a lot of factories presets that are more than enough to cover all features of this amazing plugin. To bring a bit more psychedelic flavour while sound designing, I use it mostly to effect shorter single-shot sounds with Soundtoys bright star. This plugin is better to use when you want to do twisted sound design, as it has an amazing Pitch option, up and down, as well as the offset options that break standard patterns and make it even more interesting.

No 5 – Waves H-Delay

Analog Delay Plugin Here we have one of the Waves plugins that have its space on this list. Super simple delay plugin that has all the features that I need while producing. Delay time, Mono or Ping-Pong, Low & High Cut are the options that I use to get an amazing atmospheric background. There are loads of this kind of plugins on the market all around, but not much of them are actually good enough to be on this list.

No 4 – FabFilter – Timeless 2