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The Basic Vocal Processing

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Processing the vocals is a bit bigger area and probably the most important topic when it comes to Music Industry. Psytrance has always been full of vocal speeches from movies or other sources, where producers by sampling techniques were arranging vocals in psytrance music. I could write blogs day by day only about processing vocals and exploring different techniques of how to manipulate with them to sound more interesting, how can melodies be made from vocal phrases and I could spend hours and hours talking about processing the vocal by using the vast amount of plugins.

This blog and video are just a bit about this topic and with this blog and video, I wanted to say only a few things when it comes to Vocal Processing.

In this video, you can see three first steps to make your vocals to sound good.

  1. Dynamics

  2. Stereo image

  3. Eq

The video will be premiered 27th January on my youtube channel:

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