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Setup Melodic Bass Line

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The previous blog/video was about how to solve problems with Melodic bassline when it changes the notes, and what would be the best tricks for solving those problems. After the release of the video and blog, I've started to get a bunch of messages from you guys with a request for Bassline Preset from that video.

In order to make it just a bit harder for you to get the same bassline, I will not post the presets here, and instead of presets, I will make a detailed explanation about this process.

Synthesis: Serum First load "Basic mini" as a waveform in OSC A

Set phase filly on the left

Click on the pen to edit the waveform and process - flip vertically

Turn on the filter and leave it on MG Low 24

Cutoff set to 300hz

Connect Note velocity to the Level of OSC A

Envelop 1: attack = 0, Hold = 0, Decay = 208ms, Sustain = -12db, Release = 15ms

Envelop 2: attack = 0, Hold = 0, Decay = 150ms, Sustaine = 0, Release = 15ms

and Envelop 2 connect to Filter Cutoff.

Envelop 3: attack = 0, Hold = 0, Decay = 98ms, Sustaine = 0, Release = 15ms

In FX section, turn on Filter, and leave it on MG Low 6db, Cutoff set to 280hz, and connect Envelop 3 to the Filter Cutoff.

Now we are using double filtering

For processing, you will need the following plugins

Melda Production - MTransientMb

Waves - RBass

DMG - Equilibrium

Waves - Vitamin

FabFilter - Pro-Q3

Voxengo Pha-979

Melda Production - Spectral Dynamics

BrainWorks - Bx_digital V3

Set MTransient MB on 4 bands, and the point between the first two bands set to 288hz

RBass level set to -17.4db and frequency set to 65Hz

Equilibrium only lowcut on 31.6Hz - 30db - Q=0.71

Vitamin set the low band on 43hz

FabQ3 -

Low cut on 34.7hz - 24db Q=1.06

Bell1 - Freq: 147hz - Gain +1.5db - Q=1.39

Bell2 - Freq: 127hz - Gain -3db - Q=1

Bell3 - Freq: 418hz - Gain -3.1db - Q=1.17

Bell4 - Freq: 170hz - Gain -1.12db - Q=1.9

Bell5 - Freq: 311hz - Gain +1.45db - Q=2.64


Lowcut on 6db Freq 22hz

bell2: frequency 85hz, 01.6db, Q=1

Spectral Dynamics will depend on the gain level from Serum, but in this case, when Serum Master is set to 85%, the Threshold is set to -19db and ratio to 2:1

It might be easier to see the video:

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