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Psytrance Kick Synthesis and Processing by E-Clip

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

And here we go. Hardest topic for Sound Design. “How to make a great psytrance kick???” This was a question that used to bother me for years. From a point when I started till a year ago, I spent so much time trying to make a good kick. To be honest, good is not a proper word for it, as everybody needs a “perfect psytrance kick”. Psytrance Kick, is so so so important in psytrance production, and I’m telling you, Kick is 50% of your mix. It goes almost through the whole track, and it repeats so often. With the bass, as 1 unit “Kick&Bass” are 60% of a good mix. Together with whole drums, hi-hats, snares, loops, if you do it right, 75% of the mix is already done.

I still remember times, when I used to listen to all artists that I love, and their production, it gave me so much frustration not being able to sound even close to them. And growing up in Serbia, we didn’t have much money during all the hard times we went through, to buy any gear that would help me getting close to my goal. Not to mention that the internet wasn’t even close to as it is today so everything I learned was self-learning. pressing and tweaking knobs that I didn’t have a clue what they do. So I decided to build a drum templates for you guys, that I will put for sale really soon. With those Templates, you will be able to have an amazing sounding drum section, and it will give you opportunity to be 100% creative, without losing time on designing and mixing drums in your tracks. Let’s go with the lesson, as because of the difficulty of the process of making the kick, it is not possible to write down the steps, so this time it will be only a video.

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