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Psyentific MasterCourse - Kick & Bass Class

The first class in the series of upcoming classes, and as the most important and definitely hardest part for making a great sounding psytrance track is making the Kick and Bass section, therefore this is the first class in the Psyentific Mastercourse by E-Clip series.

The first class contains almost 7 hours of educational material, altogether with a bunch of presets and all of it to improve your skills for creating great-sounding kicks and basses.

In this class, I have shared EVERYTHING I know about kicks and basses, all techniques, processes, and different approaches for making the great sounding kicks and basses for Progressive, Fullon, and Forest music. Soft kicks, hard kicks, square basslines, rolling basslines, swing bass, triplet, offbeat, kick and bass alignment, phases, equing, synthesis…. EVERYTHING I KNOW about Kicks and the basses!!!!

This class is for all producer levels! It starts with a basic explanation about kicks and bass, what they are made from, what are their characteristics, how to synthesise them and design them so they provide exactly what you want from them, and how to get a certain effect by modifying them, again, EVERYTHING I KNOW about Kicks and basses is in this class!!

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