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Psychedelic Tips Vol.3 is coming soon...

The recording of the new Psychedelic Tips Vol.3 is going really well. So far over 6hrs is recorded the whole course structure is based on studio session recordings. In this edition, I started recording everything from the begging till the end and the most significant focus is on the completely new way of preparing and organizing before the track begins to have its path.

Dividing the whole process of making the track into the fractions and each fraction has a different focus, sound design, producing, writing, editing, preparing... This new working methodology is helping to keep the focus on every fraction and that way is more concentrated on every fraction in a specific session.

I will teach you advanced organisational processes and preparation before even starting a track, supported with a bunch of suggestions for boosting your creativity and pushing your workflow to another level.

In the video below you can hear out what has been made so far and what can you expect from the course.

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