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Psy-Trance Producer Start Pack

Hello everyone, and welcome back to

It is that time of the year when I finally found the courage to reinstall my system, which leads to installing all the plugins again. This painful process gave me inspiration for another vlog/blog, so this week I will write/record what would be the most important things that I would need to make music.

Every time I reinstall the system, I always make a list of priorities for software installations. What should I install first, and what I need the most, and therefore I have started to think about the questions "When I would need to choose only several plugins and VST Instruments, which would they be?"

This topic will require some of the sample packs as well, which will create a list of the My Producers Start Pack. I am already in the process to make my own PsyTrance Producer Start Pack, but this is another topic, as my pack will contain several packs that will help others to be faster in their creative process. My starter pack will container my Sample Pack, Kick Pack , Several Drum Templates ( as drums templates are the hardest to make, including the bass-line) and I have released already one template Groove Template , and also I will make one Preset Pack, and together with my two coursed I will complete my Psy-Trance Producer Pack. The main idea behind this project is that I have a desire to make a package that everyone would be able to use in order to shorten the time for making psytrance music. I will get back on this topic in several weeks, but for now, I will continue with the educational content and with this topic.

The first thing I will instal and the most important thing would be Cubase! I have tried all other DAWs and non of them gave me needed options for Sound Engineering. Cubase (499€) just has everything that I need, and its ability to do all the surgical processes while I do Sound Design is just not possible to replace with anything else.

The second thing will definitely be Spectrasonics Omnisphere (400€)! If somehow Omnisphere disappeared, I believe I would start thinking to stop making music. I could speak for weeks about the Omnisphere and its power, but this would be it for now.

The third thing would definitely be the Serum (155€), and from my previous videos you probably already know why. Just an amazing tool for creating almost everything when it comes to melodies or other digital sounds as leads plucks, basses, psychedelic sequences, and it is super awesome for crazy sound designs that we use a lot in Psy Trance music.

Form the VSTis, I would add one more super sounding synth, and that is Sylenth, but if this one would be optional as I believe that Serum can cover most of the Sylenths options.

Now, when it comes to plugins, I believe the only thing that I couldn't make music without is FabFilter Bundle, which have everything I need, but this bundle is the most expensive on my list and it cost impressive 859€, which is much higher when we comper with all products I mentioned before.

I will move now to the Sample libraries that I couldn't make music without. It sounds like an advertisement, and maybe it should be, but I am super proud of my latest Kick Pack and I believe it is the best sounding psytrance kick pack that I came up to. It must be because I have designed those kicks exactly as I like, and therefore it is not that strange that I love it the most from all others, even if I do not have many other kick packs.

The second thing would be a decent Template, a set of drum stems that I wouldn't need to mix, several stems that I would just drop in the DAW and start creating music from that moment. And as I already mentioned, I have made only one so far, but. I will create at least 5 more till the end of a year.

When it comes to the single shots, mostly for percussions, I would need Vengeance Clubs Sounds Vol.1 which is the first Vengeance Sample pack.

The third is the E-Clip Sample Pack vol.1 and this one I recommend as I still use it. Please understand that I recommend my products as I designed them for my taste, and that is the reason why I recommend them.

The best Sample pack for Drums Single shots (claps, hi-hats, snares) is definitely Thomas Penton ones, as Kashmir Sound ones that you can find on Splice if you use them.

This post I promised I will make some time ago and I finally did it.

Total calculations without Vengeance and Thomas Penton Sample packs is 2153€ and I believe that would be the minimum. What could reduce this price is FabFilter Total Bundle, as you might not need all the plugins. I use them all and personally recommend all FabFilter Plugins except Fab-R, as I did;t find that good when I compare it with Eventide BlackHole

The video will be premiered on Sunday 23.05.2021 CET on my Youtube Channel

Next week I will be off for some holidays, and I am not sure will I make a video next week, but I can promise that I will give my best.

Wish you all the best!


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