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Psy Pitch-Down Single Shot

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Another week, another tutorial is here. This time I’m showing you how to design a pitch down single shot that I use a lot in my production. Again we are going to use Serum as a tool to make this Psychedelic single shot.

Open Serum and let’s start setting up this amazing patch. – Envelope 1 – Attach to 0, Decay to 1/4 of the note, Sustain to 0, release 10ms


– Envelope 2 – Attach to 0, Hold to 1/8 of the note, Decay 1/4 of the note. Sustain to 0 and Release to 10ms


– Connect Envelop 2 to CRS pitch of OSC A. – In Matrix, setup the amount of the pitch to 28, and chose one direction.

Matrix Env2

– Turn on filter and choose HP12 – Put Cuttof on 2000hz, Resonance on 40%, Drive to 31 and turn on Filter Key Track