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Psy Pitch-Down Single Shot

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Another week, another tutorial is here. This time I’m showing you how to design a pitch down single shot that I use a lot in my production. Again we are going to use Serum as a tool to make this Psychedelic single shot.

Open Serum and let’s start setting up this amazing patch. – Envelope 1 – Attach to 0, Decay to 1/4 of the note, Sustain to 0, release 10ms


– Envelope 2 – Attach to 0, Hold to 1/8 of the note, Decay 1/4 of the note. Sustain to 0 and Release to 10ms


– Connect Envelop 2 to CRS pitch of OSC A. – In Matrix, setup the amount of the pitch to 28, and chose one direction.

Matrix Env2

– Turn on filter and choose HP12 – Put Cuttof on 2000hz, Resonance on 40%, Drive to 31 and turn on Filter Key Track


– Tun on Noise Osc and choose ARP White, and put Level to 0

Noise OSC

– Connect LFO1 to Noise Level and set up and turn it on to 25% up, click on the ENV button on the LFO1 Option and leave it on 1/4 We could use as well Envelope for this, but it is faster and easier to use LFO as an envelope for this option


– Connect LFO1 also to Cutoff, and it should trigger it just for a little, like 5% just to bring a little bit of cutoff down

– Turn on Sub OSC and put level to 0, chose the last shape of the Sub OSC shape


– From Warp Menu on OSC A, chose FM (SUB) and leave the amount on 0

– Connect LFO2 with the FM (SUB) and put the amount to 24 – LFO shape set up as a picture below and turn on ENV on LFO2


Now we are going to move on FX page

– Turn on Distorsion and choose Diode 1, Drive to 35%, MIx to 54% – Turn on Delay, Feedback to 80%, Left 1/8 dot, right 1/4 dot, mix to 33% and make the shape of the filter on delay as a picture bellow, position on 1000hz

Dist + Delay

– Turn on Reverb, Hall, Size 33%, Mix 20% – Turn on Filter on FX, and choose Bandpass 12, Cuttof on 330hz, Resonance 28%, Drive to 60, Fat 49%, Mix on 50%

Reverb + Filter

– Turn on EQ on FX channel, Make a lowcut on 250hz, Q to 30% and make EQ the last in the chain

4 hr in the studio with E-Clip


– Set up LFO3 as a picture bellow


– Connect LFO3 with FX Fill Freq and set the amount to 23 – Go to Matrix and from new field chose CHAOS1 and Destination to Filter 1 Cutoff, and the amount set to 40

– Go to Global window and set up Chaos 1 rate 0.089

Heres the screenshot of the matrix window, check did you make everything similar as in the picture below.


Here is the Preset file for a download, but I advise you to follow the steps and try to understand each setting above. This way you will start to learn how Synthesis is working and after some practice, you will develop a skill needed for good sound design.


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