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Project Reveal And Walk Through The New Track!

This video is about walking you through the project of an almost finished track. You might have already heard this track as it was used in some of my previous videos. I’ve realized that by walking you through the real-world project I always come up with many interesting topics and this is one of the best ways for you to learn and make Psytrance music. Internet and youtube are full of small tutorials with short tricks for sound design and increasing the mix quality, but not many of them contain the most important topics such as track flow, certain decision making, psychological approaches and other problems that we face all the time while making music.

In this video, I have explained how I located the problem that I was facing in the recent period and what caused a big slow down in finishing my tracks.

Making psytrance music can be challenging as it is built from patterns that are popular today and they are mostly made by some of the previously released successful tracks, so it is very common for the other artists to follow up those trends.

Even though I usually don’t do that, I ended up being trapped for the opposite reasons. With a desire not to make a trendy style of music I have used a certain amount of limitations to my work, in a form of deciding not to do certain sound designs that made my working environment much more narrow.

The example of my inner battle is a small win in the process of growing up as an artist, and with a huge amount of skills in sound design, writing and many other sound-oriented skills, we are going to make only if we pay enough attention to our psychology. Having the right mindset is the most important thing and being able to be free is the key to the success.

The older I get, the more I understand that the biggest success comes after winning a battle with yourself, your inner self and the biggest enemy to your goals is sitting inside of you! Winning those battles can make us reach unlimited potential.

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