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Organize Yourself For The Creative Moment

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Hello everybody.

This week I chose to speak about "Creative Moments".

We all know that creative moments are not always available when we want to use them. Sometimes we need to sit and wait until the creativity hits in and therefore I would like to use the opportunity to talk about the things you can do to organize yourself and be ready when the creative moment hits it.

Modern music-making is a process that includes a bit too many processes at the same time. Sound Desing, Processing, Recording, Sampling, Synthesis, Writing ... Our job to finish a track includes all those processes and requires at least basic knowledge of all those processes. I believe that we can agree that the "Creative Moment" is the most important, as all other processes we can avoid by hiring professionals for some of those processes (mixing, mastering, sound design...), while "Creative Momentum" is only ours, and we want to do it by ourselves, as this supposed to be the main idea of making the music.

This blog is about that, about how can we organize ourselves and be ready and prepared for Creative Moment in order to use as most as possible of these moments.

From my personal experience, the technical parts as mixing, mastering are taking the most of our time, and those technical parts are big killers of the creative moments. Mixing I believe is the hardest part of the whole "making the track" moments. Mixing can bring us frustration and some negative emotions that will be the biggest enemy of our creativity, and therefore I advise all of you to prepare yourselves so when creativity hits in, you welcome it ready and give it your full attention. I can say that Mixing the drums is the hardest part of the mix, and if we have only those drums ready, we don't need to spend much time paying attention to the mix while we are in the creative moment.

This morning when I recorded the video below, I must say I was pretty lucky to capture a moment of true inspiration of spreading what I know, so I won't spend your time typing what I already said in the video, so I advise you to watch the video and I really hope that you will come to any information that is useful to you in any way.

The video that I mention:

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Unknown member
Jan 10, 2021

You are very good producer, very good teacher and you looks like a very good person and sure you are. thanks for everything and if I can do something for you just say :)


Excellent tutorial Marko. Really useful. I often get stuck in all the processes, but this shows how to become more creative. Will use these tips today!

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