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Old School vs Modern Psytrance Production

The inception of Psytrance culture dates back several years, marking a significant period in the evolution of musical genres. Presently, we find ourselves in an era characterized by exponential advancements in technology, a factor that profoundly influences music production. While modern technology has undoubtedly enhanced the quality of music production, it's important to acknowledge certain advantages inherent in old-school production techniques.

Contemporary technology, especially in the digital realm, offers a plethora of choices. However, this abundance of options is not always beneficial. In contrast, a few years ago, producers had to contend with limited resources and fewer choices. This scarcity, I believe, necessitated a more meticulous and attentive approach to utilizing available equipment. The limited choices and equipment forced producers to be more creative and resourceful.

Today's technology, with its myriad of options and visually appealing graphical user interfaces (GUIs), can sometimes lead to distractions. These distractions may cause producers to make decisions based more on visual appeal than on auditory quality. In his video, E-Clip touches upon just a fraction of the broader discussion comparing old-school and modern production techniques, providing insight into how these two eras contrast and complement each other in the realm of Psytrance music production.

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