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Next videos by E-Clip?

Hello everyone,

My vacation has ended and I am preparing myself to get back in the studio to work on my next releases which will bring a lot of surprises, and also continue with my educational videos and blogs on my website and youtube channel.

I am ready to serve all of you much more and I would like to invite you to participate in my quest of spreading the knowledge I gathered all those years by assisting me with interesting ideas about my next videos. My plan Is to collect your ideas and cover them all (i hope it won't be too many topics)

I have created the Google Form that can fill in with writing me down what would you like to see me doing and explaining in the studio.

Please follow the link to fill in the form.

Thank you, and let's rock!

The first idea I will cover tomorrow and release it Sunday 20:00 CET

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1 Comment

Welcome back Marko... We missed you a lot ;)

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