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Manual Flanger on Psytrance Lead

Adding a manually controlled Flanger on a psytrance lead is a super powerful way to create an uplifting moment that is 100% controlled by you.

Unisg flanger as a tool to increase the uplifting effect is a good and smart way, as it allows you to skip and use allows too many uplifters that can be annoying and mostly sound cheap and irritating. By adding the flanger, we can control the amount of the effect it creates, we can control the flanger movement by automation, and we can control the depth and feedback of it.

I already have the video on my YouTube channel for making the lead and using the manual flanger, but as I used the Cubase default flanger, many of the viewers couldn't apply what they saw in the video, and this new video will give you instructions how can you do it with 3rd party plugin that you can use in any DAW.

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