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Magic Tool For Psytrance Leads

All of us music makers and we who are making music would like to have the MAGIC tool, the plugin, piece of hardware or anything that would make our sequences sound a way better. Working with many "students" by helping them to get better sound in their music there are several questions that are the most frequent, and one of them is that "secret weapon", what is that "magic tool" that we use for spicing up our tracks. My honest opinion is that this "Magic Tool" does not exist, but surely there are some plugins that are giving more results than other plugins. The first on my list is Xfer OTT. It is a combined Multiband Compressor and Expander. The way this plugin work is that it combines both compression and expansion, plus the ability to control how much it will affect low, mid and high frequencies. This combination is giving me always astonishing results.

OTT would be the one plugin that I would use after opening an old unfinished project that has some lead, melody or any other bounced sequence that sounds weak and thin. OTT I would use to make sound fatter, bigger or more powerful. All of this together plus the information that this plugin is actually free, and that it is available for everyone is setting it to the first place in my "magic tool plugins" list.

Check out the video in which I spoke about this plugin and many more other things as well.

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