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Inspiration vs Plagiarism

The idea of this video is to share my philosophical and psychological view on the topics of Plagiarism vs Inspiration.

I intend to bring awareness and share some information that has helped me during the development of my career, as I believe that psychology and mindset can be equally important as technical knowledge, and I feel that there is more than enough educational material about the technical part of making music, but there's a lack of the psychological and artist's mindset videos on the internet today!

The topic I am about to discuss is already regulated by the laws of the copyright but my intention is not to discuss the regulation or any laws,

my intentions are purely psychological and philosophically oriented and I wish to express my view on this topic, as some of the views I'm about to talk about in the video, have helped me pretty much during the development of my music career.

Check out the video about this topic!

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