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Improve Your Mixes & Sound Design with Math

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Here we are on the new Blog where we will give a small math class. Calculate note time is a really useful method for getting some interesting results. We will be able to use this method on many things (ex: delay, Reverb, Arps…)

So let’s get on the point. Idea is to get the length of the notes for each bpm. The formula is really simple. BPM = Beats Per Minute, so 140 BPM means that we have 140 beats per minute. 1 minute – 60 seconds – 60000 milliseconds So to get 1 Bar (4 beats) length we should divide milliseconds with bpm 60000/140 = 428.5 ms So 1/4 = 428.5 ms 1/8 = 214.2 ms 1/16 = 107.1ms For triplets, we would divide 1/4 with 3, not with 2, so it the math would be 428.5/3 which is 142.8ms For example, how you can use this math is to put a pre-delay on a Reverb on 107.1ms. So the Reverb start point would match the 1/16 note. Also, we can automate Delay time. This method I used in my track ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which was released in 2013. I used a pluck sound that was going in between the triplet and the rolling section. on 1:30. Pluck sound was going with a delay, so the delay time was automated from 285.6ms to 107.1ms One more example is to speed up or slow down the arp section time. For this example, I did a video tutorial which you can watch at my youtube channel

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