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How To Make Psytrance Glide Bass

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This lesson will teach you how to make Psytrance Glide Bass. This will not require anything new, just a few parameters need to turn on and the Glide Bass is ready for use. I have made a tutorial on how to make a Psytrance Bass in Serum So from this point, you should just need to set up 2 parameters. The first is to turn on Legato, which means that Serum can play only 1 note at a time, so Serum won’t be able to play 2 notes at the same time. The second thing is to set the glide time, which is called PORTA in the bottom right position in Serum. Advice is to set PORTA time from 2ms to 8ms, as I get the best results in this range.

Legato / Porta time

When you draw a midi, pay attention that first note needs to be extended to cover a start of second not. This is when the Legato will work, and the time it will take to glide/pitch from first not to second not you set on the PORTA time

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