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E-Clip Reviews 005 (TDP - Illumination)

E-Clip’s In-Depth Track Reviews”. This is where budding psytrance artists send in their tracks for a comprehensive review by E-Clip, who meticulously dissects each tune to uncover its essence and potential.

Each episode is a journey through the mind of a creator, as E-Clip unfolds the layers of the tracks sent by aspiring artists, offering his seasoned insights and constructive feedback to help hone their psychedelic prowess. His in-depth analysis covers a spectrum of elements including composition, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and the transcendental essence that defines psytrance.

Whether you are an artist seeking a seasoned ear for your creation, or an enthusiast eager to delve deeper into the psytrance realm, this series is a treasure trove of knowledge. Through E-Clip’s detailed advice, not only do the featured artists benefit, but the viewers also garner a wealth of understanding on producing entrancing psytrance music.

Tune in to “Psychedelic Soundwaves: E-Clip’s In-Depth Track Reviews” and be part of a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of psytrance, fostering growth, and nurturing the psychedelic spirit within. As E-Clip unravels the intricacies of each track, witness the evolution of sound and be inspired to embark on your musical voyage.

If you wish to submit the track for review, please fill out the form:

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