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E-Clip Kick Pack Vol.1

Hello Everyone!

My first Kick Pack is finally ready! It's been a while since I started making this kick pack, and I needed to push my self a bit harder in order to create a pack that will cover the standards of today's psytrance music.

In the last few years, I am on the mission to help everyone who wants's to create psytrance music, and this is something that drives me and that is giving me a higher purpose besides making music. Last several years while I created a lot of the videos of educations, I started realising the new ways that I would be able to help others in their producer path. My strong belief is that the KICK is the first and maybe the most important step towards a good mix, and before I continue making drum templates, which are the hardest to make, I wanted to release a kick pack, that will be crucial for customizing the Drum templates that will come later on.

I am presenting to you 35, extremely carefully designed kicks in my first Kick Pack. This pack is in the process last two years, but every time I finished it, I learned something new in the process, and I needed to go back to the beginning. Now, I strongly believe that this is one wonderful kick pack that will have a place in everybody music. All the contained kicks in this pack have a strong punch and carefully designed low end.

You can hear all the kicks on my Soundcloud page, as well as in the video below

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