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E-Clip - Flap Flam - Session No.1

It is time to start with a bit different kind of videos. I will do those videos in a new series of videos, where I'll be working on my music, and after few sessions, I will make a video with an explanation of what I did in those sessions.

The main reason for those videos is that you can see the whole process, besides making the template that I explained in details in Psychedelic Tips Vol.2

This is the first video of the series of videos, and this one will be a part of small series called "Flap Flam" as I chose this name for a track name that I'm working on.

Idea is that you can see the development of a track and not only technical tutorials as I used to do by now. I believe that this way is the best way to understand the creative process I am going through, and it is important when it comes to making decisions.

Please comment below on how did you like this video and are those videos are worth my time, or would enjoy more seeing something else.

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You R the best 🙏🙏🙏

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