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Dynamic Arrangement Track - Webinar #3

The last video was about 2 different types of progressive psytrance arrangements. These two types are not only types of psytrance arrangements but also a choice of style, so this caterogysation actually mark your track in the subcategory of psytrance music, one or another. Important is that this categorisation of a track by its way of arranging sequences is not only present in Psytrance music, but this categorisation is also present in other types of electronic dance music. It is also present in techno, house and even other not electronic genres and it is connected to how the producer/artist is telling its story. Does we choose to keep the attention of listeners all the time by keeping them busy with constant changes and dramatic contrast of the energy, or will choose to tell the story patiently and slowly, making the longer story with a focus on atmosphere and emotion and in a form of longer sets with not so many dramatic changes?

Today, the attention span of any listener is at the lowest point we ever were since we are measuring it, and that's mostly because of the technology developing extremely fast offering us so many choices, and we, humans, are not familiar with that many choices as we didn't have that opportunity in the past. We will need a bit of time to learn dealing with it, and I am sure that we will know better, just at this current moment, we are not doing so well and not many people are well to give a try any music by giving it more time to develop. We want everything RIGHT NOW, instantly, we want everything packed in 60 seconds, and even that is too much of our time as many apps are designer that if we don't like something instantly, we always have an option to scroll down and find something that will entertain us straight away. That puts music sceene and the whole art in a bad position. We have limited choices when it comes to developing our music if we have any ambitions of succeeding and building a career, as we all know how important social media are. There were situations where promoters used to book artists with only a big amount of followers on their social media, as just a post from that artist was creating a big promotional reach and more money for the even promoters.

This was a long text intro to the upcoming video where I work on a dynamic type of arrangement track I showed in the previous video as well.

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