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Customizing the presets

We all can agree that the market is flooded with so many presets for all VSTi and Plugins. But somehow, only the good ones are surviving and we all can agree that we can hear almost the same presets on the psytrance scene. That's why customizing the presets is an important part of making a good psytrance track if you don't want to end up using the same sounds like 90% of artists.

In this video I will show you simple ways to customize the presets, and also want to share the rule I created for my self when I make my own music. I will never use the presets as it is, I will always, but always make it sound much different.

I use presets when I am in a creative mood, and when I want to create fast, but I use presets only as a start point, and I will never use them as they are, the customization of presets is a MUST DO for me.

This video is not for advanced level producers, but I also want to cover topics for people that are less advanced in order to help them on their development path.

If you would like to support the YouTube Channel, you can do it at the following link:

Presets for a Free Download (Serum + Timeless2):

Download RAR • 4KB

Video will be premiered 21st April at 20:00 CET

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