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The Best VST Instrument for Psytrance is Omnisphere

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Comparing the situation on the market a while ago and today, today we have so many different VST Instruments that we can use. Most of them are similar and most of them sound the same, there are a few that are a bit different, some of them are really bad while some sound really nice, but summarising all together, there is not much difference.

Why Omnisphere is |The Best VST Instrument for Psytrance?

The VST Instrument I wouldn't enjoy making music without as much as I do right now. The sound quality is insane, the library so huge, actually the library is so big that I still get surprised by a lot of the sounds even though I use it for over 10 years. I used Spectrasonic samples around 20 years ago, and after that Atmosphere, which was the VST name before Omnisphere. Anything you need you can find inside this amazing Vsti instrument Sampler or Rom Player. In the matter of fact, this software is all in one. Only thing missing is the drums, even though Omnisphere has a lot of percussive instruments that you can use in your production.

At the core of The only With an array of synthesis techniques such as wavetable, granular, FM, and sample-based synthesis, Omnisphere empowers users to explore new sonic territories and push the boundaries of creativity. The synthesis engines can be seamlessly combined and layered, allowing for intricate sound design possibilities. The modulation system provides in-depth control over parameters, enabling users to create evolving and expressive sounds that breathe life into their compositions.

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