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Awesome Bassline With Vital

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

After I discovered Vital several weeks ago (I knew about it much before, but I didn't want to expand my VSTi library), I spent some time having fun with it.

Of course, one of the things I usually do first is to make a bassline with it. As few VSTi plugins can create decent Psytrance Basslines, this will almost always be the first thing I will check when I open a new VST Instrument.

I wasn't able to make a decent bassline with any VSTi Besides Sylenth, Serum and Rapture, and Vital has taken first place in my list.

The sound of the Vitals filter has beaten Sylenth and Serum, while other functions have beaten Rapture and now Vital has become my first to go VSTi for Bassline. You will be able to see in video 2, Vital does not require complicated processing as, for example, Rapture does.

Check the first video that will be followed with video 2 next week.

The preset will be available next week with the following video!

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