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Amazing Bassline With Vital - 2

Last week I released a video where you were able to see the synthesis process of making the bassline in Vital, the amazing free VST instrument that intensely reminds on Serum, and I was able to make an even better sounding bassline with Vital.

Serial filtering using 2 times 12db per octave filters sounds much better in Vital comparing to Serum, as Serum have only 1 filter in the main dashboard, which pushes me to use another filter from the FX section, and this filter is just a bit different than if we use 2 filters from the main dashboard.

You are probably reading all of this just in order to find the link for DOWNLOAD, which is not this world that you probably saw the first. The link will be a bit lower below, and I will try to make it harder for you to find it. My idea is not to play with you, or that play smart, but my idea is to make usage of presets a bit harder. It is pretty easy to use a preset, and connect a track, but by using the preset you will sound more like the guy who made that preset than yourself. Finding a unique process of making your sound designs is the important part, as only by spending tones of time in front of computer experimenting is the only way to become unique and build your career as an independent artist.

Download ZIP • 135KB

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