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Get your copy of Psychedelic Tips Vol2.

Use opportunity and get this course for 85€ only.   

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What is Psychedelic Tips Vol.2 ?

Psychedelic TIps Vol.2 is an online Course, made of 10 hours of video material made by Marko Radovanovic E-Clip. Marko is active producer and a DJ on the PsyTrance scene for over 10 years now.

What is in this course?

This course has been made of ten hours of video material and plenty of files that were made during the recording of this course (samples, presets, drum stems, full Cubase project, Ableton live project, OMF file and plenty of other things.

For who this course is?

This course is for everyone who would like to extend their knowledge in the area of making psytrance music. You don't need to be a Progressive Psytrance Producer to gain your knowledge with this course. This course offers the essential knowledge and understanding of the core of how can you make psytrance. 

How this course have been structured?

This course covers the whole process of making a track from the beginning. Starting with designing the Drum stems, showing you how can you sound design your drums, what kind of processing you can use to shape your drums in the best possible way, how to mix and set up your groove. After this part, you will move to the next chapter of creative work, where you will be able to learn synthesis, sound design, arrangement, writing the melodies, arps and all other necessary skill you need to become a good psytrance producer.

How long do I have access to this course?

This course is "ONE TIME PAYMENT" and it offers unlimited access to this course. All the files and videos are available for a download as well.

What is the price for this course?

The price of Psychedelic Tips Vol.2 is 189€ and this course is currently on a sale and now it cost 99€

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