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Randomized FM Gate Riff

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to ECliProduction Tutorials. For some time I wanted to make a tutorial about really popular Fm Gated Riffs that you must have heard in PsyTrance production in the last few years.

The update includes new possibilities by modulating the LFO positions, and now we can randomize the “X” & “Y” position of the LFO dots we create in Serum. The process above is now replaced by connecting the Chaos S&H LFO modulation on the LFO that creates the gate on the “Y” position. This topic is really hard to explain by writing on the blog, but it will get much more simplified after seeing the video below.

Peace and Love to everyone reading this blog, and much of luck in these confusing times! I wish all the best to you, your families and friends!

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