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Psytrance Bassline in 70 seconds – by E-Clip

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Welcome everybody to the second blog on

This is going to be the fastest solution for making your psytrance basslines, and this time we are using another VSTi

Plugins needed: IL Harmor – Envelope Shaper or Waves Trans-X Waves RBass Voxengo PHA-979 Xfer LFOTool OSzillos Mega Scope

First step is to load IL Harmor. And from default settings, we are just going to tweak few parameters.

Now at default preset, click on the drop-down menu and click on the pluck amount

Click on the Volume and chose Pluck Amounth from Drop-down menu

Choose Pluck amount option form drop-down menu

In the pluck amount envelope, click on the dot to turn on the envelope, and click on the tempo as well.

Turn on Envelope on Il Harmor

Now make envelope by right-clicking. Try to make a similar envelope as in the picture below

Pluck Amount Envelope

Now one more step, and from the synthesis part, we are ready to go. Reduce Pluck as on the picture below, and we are ready to tweak a bit the bassline.

Pluck amounth settings

Now we are ready to shape it a bit more and make this bassline ready to ROCK!!! Insert “Envelop Shaper Multiband” or “Waves Trans-X” and make 3rd band to be from 3000hz to 8000hz, and boost transient in this range only for 3db and all other bands put 0db . Look below, both examples in pictures:

Adding transients with EnvelopeShaper Multiband

Adding transients with Trans-X Multi

Now insert RBass from Waves to give a meat to your Psytrance Bassline. Intensity to -24db, and frequency in my example is 100hz, but this depends from note witch bassline is playing, in my case for G note, 100hz sounded good for me.

RBass settings for getting a bit more fat bassline

Insert LFO Tool as a last in a chain for sidechaining a bass line.

LFO Tool Bassline Sidechain

4hr in the studio with E-Clip

The problem with IL Harmor that I have on my computer is that every note actually has latency. The lower the note is, the more latency it has. Similar problem I had with Spectrasonics Trilian. Trilian I used for my basslines for more than 5 years, but I got tired of chasing the latency so I switch to other VSTis. For chacking this, and generally, for checking kick and bass phase alignment I fully recommend Oszillos Mega Scope. It is a plugin that will allow you to monitor your waveform in real-time. Inserting 1 on kick and another on bass can show you the phase alignment between kick and bass. This technique I explained in my tutorial Psychedelic Tips Vol.1 Insert Oszillos Mega Scope as last in the chain (after LfoTool) and Voxengo Pha-979 after RBass. Now look on the Oszillos Mega Scope and move Delay knob in Pha-979 until 1st transient of bass note touch the grid. Now we have fixed the latency problem and the bassline is ready to rock.

Bellow are examples before and after reducing the delay time in Pha-979


Latency fixed with PHA-979

Thank you for reading, see you next week with another tutorial on

If you want to learn more, don’t forget that I have Full Video Tutorial, 4hr in the studio with E-Clip, where I explained a lot of techniques about making the Psytrance tracks. Psychedelic Tips Vol.1 by E-Clip


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