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Kick & Bass Alignment No.2

Hello everybody. I really hope that all of you are safe and healthy!

Before I start a bit different kinds of blogs and videos, I want to cover this topic as I realised I forgot to mention this in the video from 2 weeks ago. I already made a blog and video about this topic, but in that video, I explained how you can do it with a 1/16th notes with all in 1 note. I forgot to cover the basslines that change the notes or what can we do if we use for example glide basslines.

I chose to explain this process with Glide bassline, as the 1st harmonic will be moving all the time while the notes are gonna be pitched from one to another.

In this case, there are several different ways to approach this process, and the easiest and maybe the best way for me is to use multiband compression with a sidechain.

In this video, you will be able to see one way to compress only the area of the first harmonic by using the sidechain option. This kind of process we can use in various ways and my favourite is with FabFilter Pro-MB. Beside MB we can also do it with any Dynamic EQ that has a sidechain option, Melda Production DynamicEq, and we can even use FabFilter Pro-C2, as we can select in Pro-C2 the area we want to compress, but this time I decided to explain with FabFilter Pro-MB as I believe it is the easiest way.

This process will allow us to compress only the low end of the bassline in the area where Kick & Bass are overlapping. We can set the sidechain on the FabFilter Pro-MB and making the low-shelf band from 20 to 150Hz (you can set your own area of compression) and we can set it that it compresses only in the area where the kick is punching. This process will allow us to have the area of the first or first two harmonics compressed only where kick and bass are overlapping. Check the video below for detailed instruction, and get ready for some Akasha Music releases really soon.

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